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Our main product is high-tech head units necessary for creating modern advertising systems with the ability to remotely control the audience. We have been studying the needs of advertising companies for a long time, our head units not only meet the requirements of advertising companies, but also set quality standards.

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At the core of everything Adverdroid does is our team of talented engineers, who are driven by innovative ideas that emerge and sprout from over a thousand years of combined experience in designing, managing and manufacturing high-end technology solutions. Throughout their history, our engineers have contributed to the creation of the world’s best high-tech products at major leading technology companies.

Our team has vast experience, openness to new approaches and freedom of creative thinking. Our technical experts draw inspiration from creating revolutionary technology solutions that transform today’s challenges into opportunities for unprecedented business growth.

About Advertdroid

Our unique view of modern technical solutions through the prism of our own experience and cooperation with other creators of innovative technologies give us an exceptional opportunity to become a beacon guiding the way of creating progressive technologies and technological solutions of the future.

We invite everyone to join the education in the field of technology and make a breakthrough in business with the Advertdroid company.


A unique fusion of specialists with vast experience, professional knowledge, open-mindedness and innovative ideas. It is thanks to such a team that we are able to create revolutionary technological solutions that stimulate the progress of companies and humanity.

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A team of technology experts whose mission is to do everything to change the way companies approach the challenges of digital and business transformation and offer them revolutionary technological solutions of the highest quality.






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